Travel insurance

The point of having a holiday is to take one’s mind off of everyday stress and relax. While travelling abroad one does not want to think about negative things (such as the possibilities of something bad happening) and this is probably why most people find acquiring travel insurance frustrating. However, travel insurance actually ensures that even if something happens, a person will be taken care of (and it will cost much less). Here we will provide some basic information on travel insurance and what to bear in mind when purchasing one.

Primarily, insurance policies should include health, theft and safety coverage, as well as cancellation possibilities. These are the four key facts to concentrate on when acquiring a policy.

Travel insurance should be purchased as soon as possible because as the date of the vacation approaches, a person loses cancellation coverage. Even though most people do not plan not to take a vacation which has already been paid for, unexpected circumstances frequently arise and while a person who sorted travel insurance immediately will be refunded, one who did not purchase it in time will not.

Due to the fact that every country has a private healthcare system according to which a foreign person will be charged if hospitalized or treated (and private healthcare is, by rule, expensive) a travel insurance is a necessity. A European E111 health card (contrary to the popular belief) does not cover the expenses of treatment; it only ensures a foreigner is administered to a hospital.

Further on, if travelling more than once a year, it would be advisable to purchase an annual or multi trip policy. It is less expensive long-term that way. Moreover, family packages are available for relatives (they frequently include free insurance for minors).

Travel insurance policies vary immensely and one should choose a policy which suits the individual nature of a trip (obviously, sitting by the pool and hiking on the Himalayas are completely different activities and bare different dangers for a person).

While purchasing a policy one should provide information on all medical conditions and include as much details as possible to ensure maximum coverage (policies go by the principle: if it is not stated and specified it will not be covered).

Moreover, one should carefully examine a policy before purchasing it. This includes the detection of excesses as well as deficiencies. The most affordable options are not always the least expensive ones in the end.

Lastly, a heads up: Policies do not cover for what happens under influences of drugs and alcohol. It is common sense that insurance companies do not answer for misfortunes caused by personal irresponsibility.

Although it takes involvement and seems complicated, by purchasing a quality policy made according to one’s needs and plans a vacation or a trip can indeed reach a higher level. Ensuring one’s treatment and being taken care of in case of injuries or complications one achieves more confidence and comfort to enjoy profoundly time spent abroad.

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