The Top 5 countries to visit before you die

So what are the top 5 countries to visit before you die? Most probably everyone has their own opinion on this but here are the top 5 most wished for holiday destinations. Egypt. So what does Egypt have to offer, well there is of course, The Pyramids and the infamous The Valley of the Kings to name but a few. However Egypt is not all about culture and the past, modern day Egypt has lots to offer including meeting the many diverse people living there. The Egyptian people are very well known as being extremely friendly and hospitable. You also need to consider how romantic and memorable a trip down the River Nile would be sailing on your very own private boat. This would really be a once in a lifetime moment. That needs to be truly captured.

China is also on many people’s top places to visit, even if you only manage a week you would be able to fit an awful lot of experiences in while taking in the breathtakingly stunning landscapes. You could visit Beijing, Shanghai and even partake in a Yangtze River Cruise.

Jordan is perfectly placed if you plan on visiting Egypt so you could plan both visits to coincide with each other. The main city you would have to visit would be Amman closely followed Petra. However one opportunity that you could not miss on your visit there would be to take a dip in the Dead Sea, the only ocean in the world in which you can actually float due to the high salt content. There is so much to see in Jordan and really a 10 day holiday is best to fit everything in.

Hong Kong is truly the place to be for the shopaholic. The best places to shop are Nathan Road and Temple Street market where you can have lots of fun buying bargaining and haggling for those precious gifts. Hong Kong is an extremely modern city while emanating ancient traditions at the same time. To get a flavour of this you really must visit Victoria Peak and take in the wondrous views. Lamma and Lantau Islands are also worth a visit and a way for you to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

Thailand although having a reputation for being a little wild is also extremely cultural and quite tranquil. Thailand really does have something for everyone and if you have a thirst for adventure and the exotic then Thailand is the perfect destination. All of these five holiday destinations really do have something to offer for everyone and are truly countries to visit before you die.

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