Romantic Travel Resolutions

Have you become bored by your usual holiday and are you beginning to look for a new and dynamic and above all romantic holiday? You do not need to be confined by holidays from the past. Here are a few ideas in creating that all new romantic holiday break even if you are on a budget whether it be for a night or a week. The main point here is that you spend some romantic and quality time together.

Firstly you do not need to think about your holiday on an epic scale such as a world cruise or it to be romantic, you can create the same romantic ambience and dream holiday on a much smaller scale and more importantly with the focus being on intimacy and the ability to be truly alone. Turn off the laptop and cell phone and have fun together planning that romantic break, half the fun is in the planning. Collect brochures, surf the internet and visit the travel agent to gain ideas.

What would you really love to do together while on holiday, well whatever it is do it! If you want to go white-water rafting then go for it, the main thing is that you do something that both of you love. This could involve a night away in a bed and breakfast, a scuba diving holiday or a ride in a hot air balloon. The choices are endless.

One really exceptional idea is to take four mini holidays a month. So this could involve simply a night away somewhere at a hotel, the main thing is to pretend that you are away on holiday and can leave all of your worries and cares behind you while solely concentrated on who you are with, this is also a relatively cheap thing to do.

Festivals are also a fantastic way to spend time with each other and to imply get away from it all. One good resolution to make is to visit at least four festivals a year from anywhere in the world. They don’t even need to be music festivals; you may choose to visit a festival all about food. You also do not need to travel far if you are on a budget as many festivals will happen nearer to home. You may even decide to plan your festival visit into a long weekend away, the choice is yours.

What is most important here is that you make the time to spend with each other, especially of you have children. A little bit of planning and putting time aside can really make the difference to the quality of your relationship, but even more importantly remember to have fun in both planning time away and while you are holidaying.

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