“No! We’re Not There Yet!”- Surviving the Family Road Trip

Family vacations… It is not a vacation, it is a nightmare! Travelling with children can be really exhausting. To make your family trip memorable you need to plan it to the smallest detail. The most important thing is to keep your kid entertained. It sounds impossible, but trust me it is not! We will give you some tips on how to survive a family trip and how to have fun with your kids!

• Remember this sentence: ”Mommy, are we there yet?” I know, really annoying. But lets face it, travelling in car can be pretty boring. What you need to do is make your road trip fun. So, entertain your kids and yourself with car games. Here are some: ”I am thinking of an animal” is a great game for a long drive, ”Guess that tune” sing a common song and let your kids guess the song, or ”I spy” it is a classic car game, you can not go wrong with it! These games will make your long trip endurable and enjoyable.

• Plan your stops. Be prepared with extra paper towels, hand sanitizers and of course wipes. When you are stopping at restaurant stops for toilet, make sure that your kid did not pick up some nasty bacteria on the way. You know how kids are, they simply looove dirt!

• Bring your snacks. It is very important to eat healthy. Do not eat junk food, and DO NOT feed your children with sugar! We all know how can that go wrong. Before the road trip, make some fresh goodies like cheese crackers, fruit snacks and all different kinds of trail mixes, and of course lots of water. So, remember no sweets.

• Pick an interesting tourist attraction. There are fascinating destinations with rich heritage. Choose one that will amuse yourself and the little ones. Road trip is an opportunity for the whole family to enjoy your country on a whole different level. This kind of trip will give your children an unforgettable experience they will never forget.

Vacations with kids can be sometimes disorganized and chaotic but there is some charm in it. All that fuss and confusion is what makes family trips worth while. You make memories and stories. But of course your travel can not be out of control. Luckily, you have these hints above to make your voyage remarkable and wonderful.

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