Flowers – their purpose and great places to visit

A flower, also called a blossom or a bloom, is the reproductive structure found in flowering plants of all categories. The role of a flower in plants is to help in the reproduction process by uniting the egg with sperms. Flowers may do cross-pollination – in which case the fuse sperms and eggs from different plants. In the same vein, flowers can fuse sperms and eggs from the same plant – self-pollination. Although there are some plants that exclusively rely on cross – or self-pollination, others use both types for effective fertilization.

Again, there are some uncommon plant flowers that produce diaspores, which play no role in the fertilization process. Flowers contain sporangia and are the place where gametophytes develop. Since it is flowers that give rise to fruits and seeds, these plant organs play a pivotal role in the multiplication of plant species over time, which would be impossible without them. As marvelous Nature would have it, most plant flowers have evolved to attract various animals so as to use them as vectors for the transfer of pollen. It is a funny trend designed by Nature itself since pollination would be near impossible without the availability of these all-too-important vectors.

In addition to the reproductive role performed by flowers in plants, they also have a number of different uses for humans as well. According to Wikipedia, people have been using flowers for diverse purposes since prehistoric times. As such, this article highlights the 5 top human uses of flowers. Continue reading to know how humans use different species of flowers for unique purposes.

1. Decoration

The word „flower“’ and „beauty“’ are always synonymous. This is simply because flowers have been used for the function of beautification since time immemorial. By merely looking at some cute , you find yourself thinking about beauty. Flowers are used for ornamentation in many special ways. First, people plant or arrange flowers in bouquets to add beauty and fragrance to their living rooms. In the same vein, flowers can also be pressed or dried for more durable decoration. Flowers are also added to homemade paper or glued to cards to come up with various artistic designs. Moreover, other flowers such as marigold and goldenrod are used for making dyes. While the use of flowers for decoration chiefly depends on its structure, it also depends on the traditions of different communities. It is also important to note that certain flowers are indigenous to particular geographical regions, and their uses therefore depend on the socio-cultural preferences of the local people.

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2. Aroma

Even though not all flowers can be used for this purpose, some sweet-smelling flowers can be used to make aromas. These include flowers and fragrances such the rose, rosemary, lavender and lilac. The aromas are used to manufacture perfumes, adding aroma to a room, or to give a person a fresh sweet-smelling scent. The use of flowers in aromatherapy dates back to olden days, and it is perhaps one of the very few uses that have survived the constantly fluctuating human preferences for several millennia.

3. Medicine

Dating back to ancient times, flowers have been used in the medical field for curative purposes. Even though most of these medicinal properties may not have solid scientific proofs, blossoms such as honeysuckle or hyssop are widely used to alleviate an inflamed or sore throat. Furthermore, plum flowers are thought to be quite useful in curing common health problems such as diarrhea, cough, and ulcers. Other communities treat anxiety, headaches, tension, and various pains using the valerian root. The blooms used for medical purposes in various localities depend on the age-old traditions of different world communities.

4. Honey

One of the greatest wonders of Nature is that flowers produce nectar that attracts bees that play a critical role in the distribution of nectar. The bees in turn make use of this nectar to manufacture honey – making an interesting mutual-benefit arrangement. Honey is one of the most nutritional foods for humans and this makes flowers very essential to humanity. Honey is used to sweeten drinks, for baking, among other vital culinary purposes. Another interesting fact is that the taste of the honey made by the bees is dictated by the type of nectar used to make it. As such, there are some flower nectars that make a rather bitter honey, while others are widely renowned for their finger-licking honeycombs.

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