7 Tips for Saving Time at the Airport Security Checkpoint

Many travellers find that they spend an awful amount of time while waiting at the airport security checkpoints, longer sometimes than the actual flight. The following tips can help you save some time while waiting at the airport checkpoint.

The first tip is to not bring any prohibited Items to the airport, if they are not allowed then there is no point whatsoever in taking them to the airport just in order for them to be taken from you, this was obviously slow down your movement through the airport checking system. Items that are prohibited include items such as knives and lighters. Make sure you know what you are allowed to carry before you start to pack for your flight.

Using carry-on luggage to carry valuables will most definitely speed up your airport visit as you will have no need to wait for other luggage. You can use your hand held luggage for items such as a laptop and jewellery. You can also carry your camera I your hand held luggage.

A really good idea is to add your personal contact details to the bottom of your laptop or any other valuables that you feel necessary. This can be easily done by adding your business card and the personal item will be easily identified as property that belongs to you.

Try not to wear metal or foil in either clothing or accessories and carry no small change on your person or items such as keys or a phone. What you’re better off doing is placing these items in a spare bag altogether so that you can easily access them after the flight. Try to avoid wearing shoes that have metal on them and have a thick sole. If your shoes contain metal they will set off the alarm and then if they have thick soles they too will be searched as they could potentially be harbouring prohibited items, so it is best to wear flat shoes with no metal in them.

If you plan on taking wrapped presents with you then this is not a good idea as they will be unwrapped in all probability to check what is underneath the paper. If you are taking presents take the wrapping paper with you and warp them once at your destination. Finally arrive at least an hour before your departure time. You will be searched anyway no matter time you arrive but at least if you are there early you will have the chance to relax before your plane departs.

Above all have a safe and happy flight.

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