7 Killer Ways To Beat Jet Lag

Jet lag mostly appears when you are travelling from east to west or vice versa, through several time zones. It is a pretty nasty feeling. Some people call it disease but that is not entirely true. Jet lag is a momentary condition that can last even for days until your body adapts to the new time zone, some even called it ”sleep disorder”. There are jet lag symptoms like weakness, stomach issues, dehydration, lack of sleep and focus attention and so on. But not to worry, if you follow our tips you can prevent jel lag easily. Here are 7 ways how to cope with jet lag.

1. Accustom you clock. Few days before you leave on a trip, change time on your clock to correspond the time of a country you are planning to visit. Most people sleep very poorly at night. So during the day they feel wobbly and drowsy. The thing is, the more time zones you pass over, your jet lag symptoms are more harsh. Shift the watch on your hand or on your mobile phone in the plane. This is psychological effect and believe me, it is working!
2. Avoid caffeine and alcohol. Do not drink coffee or any kind of alcohol before the trip or during the trip. These kind of drinks causes dehydration which causes anxiety. It makes you feel tired all the time.
3. Drink enough water. Drink it the whole time during the flight.
4. Leave home relaxed. Try to have a good night sleep the day before your departure. As the matter of fact, try to rest and relax unleast two or three days before the flight. You will feel calm and carefree. Listen some music, something relaxing. Meditation is also one of the ways how to cool yourself. Use essential oils like mandarin or lavender.
5. Try not to use sleeping pills. Of course, you can consult your doctor on this matter. My advice is to use a herb called valerian. This plant is widely known to treat insomnia or any kind of sleep disorder. But use it wisely, do not drink alcohol with it! Some people use melatonin. This is not a magical pill that will erase your jet lag from the face of the earth. This is, believe it or not, a hormone which helps you to fall asleep. As I said before, unquestionably take counsel with your doctor before consuming sleeping pills, valerian or melatonin.
6. Adapt to local time table when you arrive to your destination. Take time to readjust to a new climate and time zone. The quicker you adjust, the better you will feel. This may sound funny, but reveal youself to sunlight. Sunbeams help you to adjust to a new time zone very quickly. Go outside and take a walk on the sunshine, believe me the best remedy for jet lag.
7. Eat light food and change your eating rhythm. Eat small portions and eat low calorie meals.

Adaptation to the new time zone is harder for west to east travel. When travelling west, you acquire a few hours. Your day is prolonged so your body and mind can get the rest that deserves. But when travelling east, your day is reduced and naturally you are feeling tired and anxious. That is why you are having troubles with sleeping. You can ease your symptoms with these tips above and make your flight much more comfortable.

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