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6 most popular email services for sending and receiving emails

When travelling abroad you will probably have to use your email. Which best email service should we use? Email (electronic mail) is gradually replacing traditional paper letter service. But now there are so many email services? Which one should we choose to us now?

1, Gmail – Google mail

Deserved to be located at the top of services which millions of users use per day, Gmail includes full of a webmail features such as sending and receiving email, SPAM filters, archive up to 15G, also, Gmail is integrated other products of Google like Google spreadsheet, Google Docs, Google Talk and many other utilities, users can easily own a email account without having to charge anything.

More and more people use Gmail for their work, with the premium version, you will have more than 1 email which supports you to embed the domain name to your Gmail address. Besides, you will have a larger amount of archive, connect more accounts and a range of facilities, Gmail is appreciated by users through experience criterion better than other email services.
Users can check email using software for mobile devices, right on the website or accessed via POP3, SMTP,…

To begin you need create a gmail account. If you had the gmail account, you can sign in Gmail easily.

2, Hotmail – Outlook (Email service of Mircosoft)

And similar to Gmail, Outlook / Hotmail are also integrated the best service of Microsoft.

  • Send and receive emails very quickly.
  • Simple interface which is easy to use.
  • Integrated many neat tools such as Microsoft Office Online, One Drive, Skype …
  • Attach files to send up to 5 GB.
  • Professional Spam and advertising messages Filters.
  • Register multiple accounts.
  • Support for Android, iOS, Windows Phone.
  • All free.
  • Hotmail is also quite good and preferred by a lot of users, especially businessmen, they can easily own a domain- name inbox in Hotmail.

If you don’t have a hotmail account, learn how to the sign up hotmail acount.

3, Yahoo Mail

Change only after being defeated in the war with Gmail, Yahoo Mail has quite good user experience but not agile, poor SPAM filters with small storage capacity, Yahoo Mail used to have a hit before Gmail appeared.

Yahoo mail now allows users to use up to 1TB but was still a late comer, while Gmail is far more common with just 15GB, similar to Gmail, Yahoo! mail lets you check email on any mobile devices with support software.

Yahoo Mail’s security feature is also worse than Gmail.

4, iCloud

For each device of Apple Inc., users will be able to register an iCloud account to activate the service and manage devices from far away, in addition to that, users also get a limited mailbox to send and receive e-mail.

ICloud provides the users with really simple experience, easy interaction, however, this service is not as all-purpose as Gmail or Yahoo.

5. Facebook mail

Being a member of the largest social network nowadays, users also have chance to experience with This mailbox is very useful, users can both join in social network and enter the mailbox to read and reply emails. However, using email on Facebook is quite boring and somewhat unprofessional in sending and receiving email…


I think that is used by so few people that it always updates news instead.

To sum up: everyone should choose for him/herself an email service for work, communicating with friends or relatives…and now, although there are many media transports, email still plays an important part in our daily life.

Good luck!

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