5 most addictive shooting games to play while you travel

As we approach the twilight of yet another year we pause and take a look back at how the year has been for the gaming industry. Like 2014 the year 2015 has also been great for both the gamers and game developers alike especially the mobile gaming industry which has seen an explosion in terms of number of games released as well as number of users which has been facilitated by an exponential rise in smartphone penetration across the globe. Bearing this growing industry we have prepared the list of 5 most addictive shooting games of 2015 that you can play while on a trip.

1 Brothers in arms 3

Brothers in arms 3 wins the battle for the most addictive shooting games of 2015 hands down. Brothers in arms 3 is the latest version of this epic series which has a moving backstory that justifies the progression of the game to each and every stage. Although the latest instalment of Brothers in arms series is just a faint image of its past versions it still is one of the best games on WWII alongwith impressive graphics for a mobile platform. One of the most remarkable aspects of the game is when a bullet going for the kill towards the German is followed by the camera which was also in earlier versions. Although not as good as it’s past versions this game still makes it to the second spot on the list.

2 Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2 is a fun shooting game where you turn up and shoot the hell out the undead approaching. This game is actually fun as it has admirably detailed graphics along with a storyline that keeps the player engaged. It’s a must play for shooting game lovers as the sight of dismembering your nemesis is not only enjoyable but is addictive. You can also play it on Facebook.

3– Deer Hunter 2015 

This game brings the game hunting experience to your tiny mobile screens where you will lose track of time until prompted by your low battery signal bringing you out of the virtual Hunting environment where you will be hunting whitetail, tigers, rhinos and even snowmen. The entire hunting environment is replicated by a background score that helps in creating a sense of wilderness through your mobile phones. This game sucks you in with a systematic increase in the difficulty level of hunting prey by increasing their agility with increase in levels which is the reason this game is one of the most addictive shooting games of 2015. The game is designed for mobile devices, however there is also a quite solid desktop version of Deer Hunter 2015 which is completely free to play.

4- Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Modern combat 5: Blackout is the android’s answer to Call of duty game on PC. It has excellent graphics and an interesting backstory to keep the player hooked. It is also a technically advanced game as it provides the best FPS for a mobile game but it also has its drawbacks like it can only be played online although online multiplayer option is good but extreme disparity in weapon strength in multiplayer leads to uninteresting one sided duals which are the reasons for penultimate ranking of this game in the list.

5- N.O.V.A. 3: Freedom Edition

This game has an army man as a protagonist who comes back to his planet only to find it overrun by aliens which then leads to the protagonist finding various ways to eliminate a variety of aliens and advance further in the game. Play this game for the beautifully designed locations with the level of details rivalling that of a PC or smartphone game.


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