4 Season Tents – Your Top Tips Buying Guide

The main question is: How to choose a camping tent? This is not an easy task. First you must know how many people will use the tent; second you must know the weather conditions you will use it and the third how much money you are willing to spend on a tent. Today, you can desire a tent of any shape and size. There are so many different types of tents, naturally it is difficult to decide which one to choose. Is a 4 season tent better than the regular one?

What is the most important? The answer is weather resistance. 4 season tent are more stable with solider outer walls. Also they are called ”all weather tents”, they are excellent for rain or snow, even for the hot summer days. You zip up your tent when it is cold, and nothing can come in from the outside. Perfect for a pleasant night in nature. If you are hot, unzip the outer fly of the tent and catch the light wind. These tents are perfect for the winter camping. They are able to hold up a snow without the tent falling down. Make sure they are waterproof and can endure strong wind. Little advice, it is better to use 4 season tent for the winter mountaineering than the regular one. Try to find a lightweight tent, it is hard to hike with the heavy one, especially on a very warm summer day or night.

On the other hand, perhaps, the regular tent is a right choice for you. Satisfying 4 season tent will cost you money, a lot of money. Probably around $500. If you are more interested in spring or summer hiking, then the regular tent is an ideal option for you. First of all, it is not heavy and second, it is cheap. This kind of tent will cost you $30. It provides you limited coziness but it serves its purpose; for a moderate weather it is an excellent decision. One advice, take a sleeping bag with you! That is a simply must have camping item. Its primary function is to replace your bed. Furthermore, it is waterproof and it maintains warmth.

When you are camping either summer or winter, tent is the most necessary thing to bring along. Type of your tent depends on what kind of camping you are interested in. Always be careful when you are camping, be sure what kind of weather awaits you and with whom you are going. Nature can be cruel but also it can be beautiful and stunning, so be wise when you are buying a tent. With these helpful tips, we wish you cheerful camping!

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