How to choose reliable transfer services in Rome

Rome is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations for holidaymakers as well as business people. This iconic and historical city welcomes millions of visitors each year who are attracted by the culture, fashion and cosmopolitan feel. There’s no better way to enjoy Rome’s many famous landmarks than by using a private car service.

There are reputable companies online that provide reliable transfers in Rome whether it’s from the airport, to your hotel or to and from a cruise ship. A private car can take you to places where most of the city’s public transport systems don’t go. Sit back, relax in comfort and safety on a private sightseeing tour of Rome’s most fascinating attractions like the Colosseum, St Peter’s Basilica, Palatine Hill and Piazza Novona.

When it comes to choosing transfers in Rome, spend some time browsing the net to find out more about services and prices. Maybe you require a hotel transfer whether it’s in the city center or on the outskirts of Rome. Many cars are fully equipped with comfort in mind such as air conditioning, a minibar, reclining seats, leather interiors and tinted windows. Expect to arrive at your hotel or apartment safely and speedily. A professional chauffeur will help you with your luggage and take you to your accommodation without delay.

Friendly drivers have many years of experience taking passengers to and from accommodation, the airport, cruise terminals as well as on city tours. Established private car hire companies ensure that all their drivers have the necessary permit issued by the Italian Government for the safe transportation of guests. Chauffeurs also have a deep knowledge of the streets of Rome and can provide you with plenty of interesting information about this awesome city.

Transfers in Rome can guarantee the same service that a travel agency offers, but at a much lower cost. Dedicated drivers specialize in transfers and tours of Rome as well as the many surrounding areas. All cars are regularly checked and have insurance which covers drivers and their passengers. One thing’s for sure, by choosing private car services you won’t have the inconvenience that many tourists sometimes experience like waiting in the rain for public transport or struggling to find transport when there’s a strike.

When going on vacation to Rome, after your flight it’s good to know that a chauffeur will be waiting at the airport for you. In addition to driving around Rome, your own exclusive private car chauffeur can take you to the Amalfi Coast, Tuscany, Umbria or Puglia. A vacation in Rome is what dreams are made of especially when you can depend on an excellent, affordable transfer service.

To get the very best transfer services check out romecab.eu and transfersrome.com. Both of these recommended firms have received many positive online testimonials from satisfied clients about the professional transfer services on offer.


“No! We’re Not There Yet!”- Surviving the Family Road Trip

Family vacations… It is not a vacation, it is a nightmare! Travelling with children can be really exhausting. To make your family trip memorable you need to plan it to the smallest detail. The most important thing is to keep your kid entertained. It sounds impossible, but trust me it is not! We will give you some tips on how to survive a family trip and how to have fun with your kids!

• Remember this sentence: ”Mommy, are we there yet?” I know, really annoying. But lets face it, travelling in car can be pretty boring. What you need to do is make your road trip fun. So, entertain your kids and yourself with car games. Here are some: ”I am thinking of an animal” is a great game for a long drive, ”Guess that tune” sing a common song and let your kids guess the song, or ”I spy” it is a classic car game, you can not go wrong with it! These games will make your long trip endurable and enjoyable.

• Plan your stops. Be prepared with extra paper towels, hand sanitizers and of course wipes. When you are stopping at restaurant stops for toilet, make sure that your kid did not pick up some nasty bacteria on the way. You know how kids are, they simply looove dirt!

• Bring your snacks. It is very important to eat healthy. Do not eat junk food, and DO NOT feed your children with sugar! We all know how can that go wrong. Before the road trip, make some fresh goodies like cheese crackers, fruit snacks and all different kinds of trail mixes, and of course lots of water. So, remember no sweets.

• Pick an interesting tourist attraction. There are fascinating destinations with rich heritage. Choose one that will amuse yourself and the little ones. Road trip is an opportunity for the whole family to enjoy your country on a whole different level. This kind of trip will give your children an unforgettable experience they will never forget.

Vacations with kids can be sometimes disorganized and chaotic but there is some charm in it. All that fuss and confusion is what makes family trips worth while. You make memories and stories. But of course your travel can not be out of control. Luckily, you have these hints above to make your voyage remarkable and wonderful.


4 Season Tents – Your Top Tips Buying Guide

The main question is: How to choose a camping tent? This is not an easy task. First you must know how many people will use the tent; second you must know the weather conditions you will use it and the third how much money you are willing to spend on a tent. Today, you can desire a tent of any shape and size. There are so many different types of tents, naturally it is difficult to decide which one to choose. Is a 4 season tent better than the regular one?

What is the most important? The answer is weather resistance. 4 season tent are more stable with solider outer walls. Also they are called ”all weather tents”, they are excellent for rain or snow, even for the hot summer days. You zip up your tent when it is cold, and nothing can come in from the outside. Perfect for a pleasant night in nature. If you are hot, unzip the outer fly of the tent and catch the light wind. These tents are perfect for the winter camping. They are able to hold up a snow without the tent falling down. Make sure they are waterproof and can endure strong wind. Little advice, it is better to use 4 season tent for the winter mountaineering than the regular one. Try to find a lightweight tent, it is hard to hike with the heavy one, especially on a very warm summer day or night.

On the other hand, perhaps, the regular tent is a right choice for you. Satisfying 4 season tent will cost you money, a lot of money. Probably around $500. If you are more interested in spring or summer hiking, then the regular tent is an ideal option for you. First of all, it is not heavy and second, it is cheap. This kind of tent will cost you $30. It provides you limited coziness but it serves its purpose; for a moderate weather it is an excellent decision. One advice, take a sleeping bag with you! That is a simply must have camping item. Its primary function is to replace your bed. Furthermore, it is waterproof and it maintains warmth.

When you are camping either summer or winter, tent is the most necessary thing to bring along. Type of your tent depends on what kind of camping you are interested in. Always be careful when you are camping, be sure what kind of weather awaits you and with whom you are going. Nature can be cruel but also it can be beautiful and stunning, so be wise when you are buying a tent. With these helpful tips, we wish you cheerful camping!


5 most addictive shooting games to play while you travel

As we approach the twilight of yet another year we pause and take a look back at how the year has been for the gaming industry. Like 2014 the year 2015 has also been great for both the gamers and game developers alike especially the mobile gaming industry which has seen an explosion in terms of number of games released as well as number of users which has been facilitated by an exponential rise in smartphone penetration across the globe. Bearing this growing industry we have prepared the list of 5 most addictive shooting games of 2015 that you can play while on a trip.

1 Brothers in arms 3

Brothers in arms 3 wins the battle for the most addictive shooting games of 2015 hands down. Brothers in arms 3 is the latest version of this epic series which has a moving backstory that justifies the progression of the game to each and every stage. Although the latest instalment of Brothers in arms series is just a faint image of its past versions it still is one of the best games on WWII alongwith impressive graphics for a mobile platform. One of the most remarkable aspects of the game is when a bullet going for the kill towards the German is followed by the camera which was also in earlier versions. Although not as good as it’s past versions this game still makes it to the second spot on the list.

2 Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2 is a fun shooting game where you turn up and shoot the hell out the undead approaching. This game is actually fun as it has admirably detailed graphics along with a storyline that keeps the player engaged. It’s a must play for shooting game lovers as the sight of dismembering your nemesis is not only enjoyable but is addictive. You can also play it on Facebook.

3– Deer Hunter 2015 

This game brings the game hunting experience to your tiny mobile screens where you will lose track of time until prompted by your low battery signal bringing you out of the virtual Hunting environment where you will be hunting whitetail, tigers, rhinos and even snowmen. The entire hunting environment is replicated by a background score that helps in creating a sense of wilderness through your mobile phones. This game sucks you in with a systematic increase in the difficulty level of hunting prey by increasing their agility with increase in levels which is the reason this game is one of the most addictive shooting games of 2015. The game is designed for mobile devices, however there is also a quite solid desktop version of Deer Hunter 2015 which is completely free to play.

4- Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Modern combat 5: Blackout is the android’s answer to Call of duty game on PC. It has excellent graphics and an interesting backstory to keep the player hooked. It is also a technically advanced game as it provides the best FPS for a mobile game but it also has its drawbacks like it can only be played online although online multiplayer option is good but extreme disparity in weapon strength in multiplayer leads to uninteresting one sided duals which are the reasons for penultimate ranking of this game in the list.

5- N.O.V.A. 3: Freedom Edition

This game has an army man as a protagonist who comes back to his planet only to find it overrun by aliens which then leads to the protagonist finding various ways to eliminate a variety of aliens and advance further in the game. Play this game for the beautifully designed locations with the level of details rivalling that of a PC or smartphone game.



Picking the best hotel for your vacation

Picking out the best possible hotel for you to spend your hard earned vacation can be quite a bother. Choosing the right accommodation is the second most important thing when planning your holidays, it comes just after picking out the destination. Nowadays, a wide range of hotels is offered to you, no matter what the desired destination is. Unfortunately, a wider offer means more room for wrong choices. That is why you should always be guided by two things when picking hotels: first, that the hotel fits your budget and second, that it provides all of the amenities you desire.

When talking about the budget for your holiday, one should know that sometimes it may not be possible to book a hotel with absolutely every luxorious, fun and desirable service one might want. So the best thing to do is to try and find a balance between your budget and what the hotel can provide. To put it shortly, find a hotel with most luxury at a decent price. That being said, once you’ve established your budget it is time to make a list of amenities that are most important to you. Ask yourself: “What do I want from my vacation?“

For a family vacation, you should look for a hotel that offers various entertaining activities for all ages, as playgrounds for children, sports, spa and other sorts of animation, so that both you and your children can have a complete holiday experience. On the other hand, travelling with a group of friends asks for hotels that provide rich day and night entertainment, cocktail bars, buffets etc. For a more intimate vacation, you ought to choose hotels that are somewhat estranged. Generally speaking, another useful perk is the location of a hotel, you should never stay too far from the main attractions. Also, if you are travelling to warmer destinations, make sure that the accommodation of your choice has its own beach or that is, at least, situated near the beach. Similarly, if you are travelling to cooler areas, choose a hotel that is near the skiing grounds or that it has good transport connection to them.

With the budget set, your dream destination and hotel chosen, you are almost set to experience the best vacation ever. For a finishing touch, you ought to read some reviews and experiences of previous guests, just to be sure that the choice you’ve made is the best for you. Good luck and have a great holiday!


7 Killer Ways To Beat Jet Lag

Jet lag mostly appears when you are travelling from east to west or vice versa, through several time zones. It is a pretty nasty feeling. Some people call it disease but that is not entirely true. Jet lag is a momentary condition that can last even for days until your body adapts to the new time zone, some even called it ”sleep disorder”. There are jet lag symptoms like weakness, stomach issues, dehydration, lack of sleep and focus attention and so on. But not to worry, if you follow our tips you can prevent jel lag easily. Here are 7 ways how to cope with jet lag.

1. Accustom you clock. Few days before you leave on a trip, change time on your clock to correspond the time of a country you are planning to visit. Most people sleep very poorly at night. So during the day they feel wobbly and drowsy. The thing is, the more time zones you pass over, your jet lag symptoms are more harsh. Shift the watch on your hand or on your mobile phone in the plane. This is psychological effect and believe me, it is working!
2. Avoid caffeine and alcohol. Do not drink coffee or any kind of alcohol before the trip or during the trip. These kind of drinks causes dehydration which causes anxiety. It makes you feel tired all the time.
3. Drink enough water. Drink it the whole time during the flight.
4. Leave home relaxed. Try to have a good night sleep the day before your departure. As the matter of fact, try to rest and relax unleast two or three days before the flight. You will feel calm and carefree. Listen some music, something relaxing. Meditation is also one of the ways how to cool yourself. Use essential oils like mandarin or lavender.
5. Try not to use sleeping pills. Of course, you can consult your doctor on this matter. My advice is to use a herb called valerian. This plant is widely known to treat insomnia or any kind of sleep disorder. But use it wisely, do not drink alcohol with it! Some people use melatonin. This is not a magical pill that will erase your jet lag from the face of the earth. This is, believe it or not, a hormone which helps you to fall asleep. As I said before, unquestionably take counsel with your doctor before consuming sleeping pills, valerian or melatonin.
6. Adapt to local time table when you arrive to your destination. Take time to readjust to a new climate and time zone. The quicker you adjust, the better you will feel. This may sound funny, but reveal youself to sunlight. Sunbeams help you to adjust to a new time zone very quickly. Go outside and take a walk on the sunshine, believe me the best remedy for jet lag.
7. Eat light food and change your eating rhythm. Eat small portions and eat low calorie meals.

Adaptation to the new time zone is harder for west to east travel. When travelling west, you acquire a few hours. Your day is prolonged so your body and mind can get the rest that deserves. But when travelling east, your day is reduced and naturally you are feeling tired and anxious. That is why you are having troubles with sleeping. You can ease your symptoms with these tips above and make your flight much more comfortable.


5 Common Techniques For Getting Luxury Discount Travel

Travelling is expensive but there are low-cost packages. Today you can travel cheap and enjoy your vacation like a rich person. It sounds unbelievably but is possible. There are so called ”Last minute travel deals” that you can use and go on a vacation like a king! There are several useful methods how to get a luxury discount travel. Here are 5 techniques how to make your travel economical and delux.

1. Find good travel programs. Something like Affinity program. This kind of program will offer you the advantage of travelling everywhere and anytime you want. It will guarantee you protection, comfort and even a health insurance. Thanks to this program you can cancel your trip without any complication or any extra charge. Another great travel program is so called Loyalty program. Simplified, it is sort of a marketing program that rewards loyal customers. For instance, your devotion to your agency will be awarded – you will get different kinds of cards that provide you discount or extra points on your card. Totally your decision.

2. Choose the best travel specialist. There are numerous travel companies, each different from other. Travel specialist usually work with some kind of a company or an agency. This kind of a job is actually great because these specialists can help you a lot and make your vacation planning easier. Find an agent who has experience and who will find alluring destination for you. They will arrange your trip and book your plane ticket instead of you.

3. Turn any difficulty into a favorable circumstance. What do I mean? Select a first-rate company which services you are planning to use over and over again. According to this you will acquire discounts and all kinds of rewards and bonuses. If an agency makes a mistake take advantage of their oversight. Turn it into your favour. But be a professional, do not take advantage of the case. Primary goal of these agencies is your satisfaction, they will do almost anything to make you content. They depend on your good feedback.

4. Do not be scared to ask. Sounds pretty trivial don’t you think? But this technique actually works. What is the worst that can happen? They can say no and that is that. On the other hand, they can say yes! In that case, you can get many surprises. This sounds too simple to be true? Try this technique and you will be surprised. Ask a better seat in a plane, or an upgraded car, you got nothing to lose.

5. Ask yourself the right question: when or where? The most important thing is when are you planning your travel. Why? Because traveling during big holidays and festivals will cost you money, lot of money. And we are trying to avoid that. Your travel specialist will advise you when to travel and also where. Sometimes, exotic places (believe it or not) can be cheap. Book a cheap flight and you are ready to go!

And there you go! We hope that these techniques will ease your trip planning. One more thing: do not forget the efficiency of the Internet. The power of the online network today is amazing! Make your own research on travel prices and the destinations you want to visit. It will make your choice much easier!


How to book the cheapest flights?

Have you ever experienced the frustration that often comes with trying to book the cheapest flight possible? Well, if you have, you probably already know that you’re not the only one. Many of us have tried, failed and gotten frustrated, but there are also people who put some effort into finding out the best and quickest ways of doing it. And their tricks actually work most of the time. Here are some tips that will help you succeed like they did.

– Book ahead – The cheapest tickets always go first, so do yourself a favor and be one of those people who book their flights weeks ahead. It’s the safest and, in most cases, the cheapest way of flying.

– Be flexible when it comes to dates – If it’s possible, don’t fix your dates. Airfare rates tend to vary substantially, and you’ll be amazed at what kind of a difference a single day can make. Flying a day early in most cases won’t do you any harm, and it could save you a fortune.

– Travel in off-season – Whenever possible, avoid the crowds. The higher the demand, the higher the prices.

– What about other airports? – Don’t give up if you can’t find a cheap flight from the closest airport. The fares vary significantly from one airport to another, so include nearby cities in your search as well. They just might have what you’ve been looking for.

– Book last-minute flights – Last-minute flights can be a lot cheaper because they’re released when the airlines fail to fill their planes and decide to cut the prices accordingly. It’s certainly riskier, but you can definitely profit from it.

– Be flexible when it comes to destination – This tip will do you no good if you’re going on a business trip or just have to get to a certain place, but it should come in handy to those who want to go to a vacation or travel around with no particular destination in mind. When you’re flexible, you have more options to choose from and a bigger chance of getting the cheapest rates.

– Fly with two airlines instead of one – In some cases you’ll have to pay a lot less for two one-way tickets than for a single round one. Be sure to check the cheapest one-way ticket rates with multiple airlines, combine them and enjoy saving your money just like that.


The Top 5 countries to visit before you die

So what are the top 5 countries to visit before you die? Most probably everyone has their own opinion on this but here are the top 5 most wished for holiday destinations. Egypt. So what does Egypt have to offer, well there is of course, The Pyramids and the infamous The Valley of the Kings to name but a few. However Egypt is not all about culture and the past, modern day Egypt has lots to offer including meeting the many diverse people living there. The Egyptian people are very well known as being extremely friendly and hospitable. You also need to consider how romantic and memorable a trip down the River Nile would be sailing on your very own private boat. This would really be a once in a lifetime moment. That needs to be truly captured.

China is also on many people’s top places to visit, even if you only manage a week you would be able to fit an awful lot of experiences in while taking in the breathtakingly stunning landscapes. You could visit Beijing, Shanghai and even partake in a Yangtze River Cruise.

Jordan is perfectly placed if you plan on visiting Egypt so you could plan both visits to coincide with each other. The main city you would have to visit would be Amman closely followed Petra. However one opportunity that you could not miss on your visit there would be to take a dip in the Dead Sea, the only ocean in the world in which you can actually float due to the high salt content. There is so much to see in Jordan and really a 10 day holiday is best to fit everything in.

Hong Kong is truly the place to be for the shopaholic. The best places to shop are Nathan Road and Temple Street market where you can have lots of fun buying bargaining and haggling for those precious gifts. Hong Kong is an extremely modern city while emanating ancient traditions at the same time. To get a flavour of this you really must visit Victoria Peak and take in the wondrous views. Lamma and Lantau Islands are also worth a visit and a way for you to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

Thailand although having a reputation for being a little wild is also extremely cultural and quite tranquil. Thailand really does have something for everyone and if you have a thirst for adventure and the exotic then Thailand is the perfect destination. All of these five holiday destinations really do have something to offer for everyone and are truly countries to visit before you die.


Romantic Travel Resolutions

Have you become bored by your usual holiday and are you beginning to look for a new and dynamic and above all romantic holiday? You do not need to be confined by holidays from the past. Here are a few ideas in creating that all new romantic holiday break even if you are on a budget whether it be for a night or a week. The main point here is that you spend some romantic and quality time together.

Firstly you do not need to think about your holiday on an epic scale such as a world cruise or it to be romantic, you can create the same romantic ambience and dream holiday on a much smaller scale and more importantly with the focus being on intimacy and the ability to be truly alone. Turn off the laptop and cell phone and have fun together planning that romantic break, half the fun is in the planning. Collect brochures, surf the internet and visit the travel agent to gain ideas.

What would you really love to do together while on holiday, well whatever it is do it! If you want to go white-water rafting then go for it, the main thing is that you do something that both of you love. This could involve a night away in a bed and breakfast, a scuba diving holiday or a ride in a hot air balloon. The choices are endless.

One really exceptional idea is to take four mini holidays a month. So this could involve simply a night away somewhere at a hotel, the main thing is to pretend that you are away on holiday and can leave all of your worries and cares behind you while solely concentrated on who you are with, this is also a relatively cheap thing to do.

Festivals are also a fantastic way to spend time with each other and to imply get away from it all. One good resolution to make is to visit at least four festivals a year from anywhere in the world. They don’t even need to be music festivals; you may choose to visit a festival all about food. You also do not need to travel far if you are on a budget as many festivals will happen nearer to home. You may even decide to plan your festival visit into a long weekend away, the choice is yours.

What is most important here is that you make the time to spend with each other, especially of you have children. A little bit of planning and putting time aside can really make the difference to the quality of your relationship, but even more importantly remember to have fun in both planning time away and while you are holidaying.

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